Larson Begins Trial in 20-Year, Billion-Dollar Lawsuit


On Sept. 18, 2023, Larson began trial representing Haresh Jogani and his real estate companies in one of Los Angeles County’s longest-running and potentially largest civil lawsuits.

The case involves five Jogani brothers, hailing from the Indian state of Gujarat, several of whom made their own fortunes in various industries including the international diamond trade and the Southern California real estate market. At issue in the lawsuit is an alleged oral agreement whereby four brothers have sought to encroach on Haresh’s multi-billion-dollar real estate portfolio and profits. Larson is defending Haresh and his companies against the civil claims. The Larson trial team representing Haresh Jogani includes partners Rick Richmond, John Lee, Stephen G. Larson, R.C. Harlan, and Paul A. Rigali, counsel Jonathan Gershon, and associates Caroline Glennie-Smith, Jasmine Johnson, Ranja Rasul, Jeremy Varon, and Jina Yoon, paralegals Anthony Gooneratne and Raymond Roman, and staff members Jesús Delgado, Jackie Neal, and Maria Salazar.

Read the full article by Skyler Romero at the Daily Journal (subscription required) here.


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