Civil Rights Litigation

Larson has earned a national reputation for successfully vindicating plaintiffs' civil rights in groundbreaking litigation.

Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended civil rights matters related to highly publicized events and with challenging legal barriers. The Larson team includes former federal prosecutors, federal public defenders, and assistant district attorneys with the background and knowledge necessary to tell any client’s story while addressing the intricacies of federal and state civil rights law.

Our firm represents individuals and companies in matters involving civil rights violations. Notably, we represented real estate developers in a novel civil rights dispute seeking millions of dollars in damages for claims including First Amendment retaliation, conspiracy to deny civil rights, and malicious prosecution, arising from what is considered one of the largest public corruption cases in California history. Larson’s efforts culminated in a $65 million settlement for our exonerated clients.

We have also represented municipalities, law enforcement, federally recognized tribes, and other government entities and agencies in both the defense and prosecution of civil rights allegations—ranging from fabricated evidence, Brady violations, malicious prosecution, and Monell liability. Having litigated both sides of a civil rights matter, we are as adept at negotiating a swift settlement with minimal outlay as we are at pursuing a case through unrelenting advocacy at trial. Our greatest victory is protecting our clients’ civil rights and achieving the result they deserve under the law.

We also bring the unique perspective from the other side of the bench, as founding partner and former U.S. District Judge Stephen G. Larson adjudicated hundreds of civil rights lawsuits in the Central District of California. Outside of using his experience to benefit the firm’s civil rights litigation practice and our clients, Stephen has shared his expertise with the legal community by teaching law school courses in civil rights law and presenting on civil rights litigation at conferences around the world.

  • Obtained a $65 million settlement for a real estate developer and its co-managing partner for the retaliatory investigation and malicious prosecution by San Bernardino County and former county officials, among other civil rights claims.
  • Secured the dismissal of a lawsuit in which the plaintiff alleged our client violated her privacy and right to publicity for exercising his own right of free speech and creating a GoFundMe campaign to raise virtual tips for a barista the plaintiff had publicly shamed.
  • Retained as appellate counsel for the plaintiff in a civil rights suit against a California university and successfully argued against the defendants’ two attempts to delay trial, brought before the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District and the California Supreme Court.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement for a Southern California county and law enforcement in a complex civil rights case involving allegations of fabricated evidence, Brady violations, malicious prosecution, and Monell liability, after narrowing the plaintiff’s claims through motion practice and discovery.
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