Antitrust and Competition Litigation

Antitrust claims are increasingly common and the stakes in competition litigation are incredibly high.

Larson’s seasoned trial lawyers are prepared to handle antitrust and competition suits however it serves the best interest of each client—whether that be through swift resolution, at trial, or on appeal all the way up to the US. Supreme Court.

Drawing upon extensive experience handling class actions, intellectual property and patent litigation matters, criminal and civil government investigations, and appeals, our attorneys serve as counsel to companies across all industries to protect their competitive interests.

We represent corporations in both asserting and defending antitrust claims under both federal and state laws—no matter if they involve private civil litigation, criminal investigations, and trials initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice; or civil investigations and trials brought by the Federal Trade Commission, state Attorneys General or foreign antitrust authorities. Larson attorneys have tried antitrust cases involving price fixing, group boycotts, monopolization, market allocation, refusals to deal, and other anticompetitive practices in state and federal courts, and before arbitration panels and international tribunals.

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