Intellectual Property Litigation

We understand how important and valuable our clients' intellectual property is in today's economy.

Larson’s reputation for winning high-stakes trials is a critical tool when it comes to protecting our clients’ intellectual property assets.

We aggressively protect the originality of our clients’ creations in copyright, patent, trade secrets, and trademark disputes. Our attorneys handle trade secret disputes across industries varying from financial services, to real estate, to software and technology. Media and entertainment companies, advertisers, technology startups, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, and public figures regularly call on Larson to litigate claims related to rights of publicity, false advertising, and misappropriation of ideas.

  • Obtained dismissals, later affirmed on appeal, of two intellectual property disputes related to a motion picture on behalf of an A-list actor and producer.
  • Achieved a motion to dismiss on behalf of Live Nation and Madison Square Garden in a highly publicized copyright dispute alleging unlawful usage of audio and television show footage.
  • Successfully litigated an entrepreneur’s claims of misappropriation and trade secret violations against Playboy.
  • Successfully represented a software company and its founders against claims alleging copyright violations, misappropriation of trade secrets, civil RICO violations, and breached employment agreements, in arbitration.
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