“Varsity Blues” Coaches Heading for Trial in 2021

Water Polo Team

U.S. District Court Judge Indira Talwani set a Nov. 15, 2021 trial date for three university coaches and one athletics administrator facing charges in the “Varsity Blues” college admissions case, Law360 reported.

Partners Stephen G. Larson, Kori L. Bell, and Paul A. Rigali are representing Jovan Vavic, the University of Southern California’s former water polo coach, in the case. Mr. Vavic and his co-defendants are accused of accepting bribes to help parents get their children into elite colleges and universities. 

With the expectation that COVID-19 vaccines will be widely available by late 2021, “prosecutors and defense attorneys had proposed a trial in November or December,” the article noted.

The article also reported that while “Judge Talwani denied the defendant’s motion to dismiss the case in November, . . . her order narrowed the legal theory under which prosecutors would need to prove some charges.”

In a statement to Law360 regarding Mr. Vavic’s trial, Stephen said, “We look forward to his vindication at trial. He is innocent of these charges.” 

Read the full article by Brian Dowling of Law360 here.


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