Stephen Larson Speaking on FedArb Webinar Panel

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Please note, this webinar has passed. For more information about FedArb webinars, please visit the FedArb website here.

Partner Stephen G. Larson is speaking on a panel of fellow judges during the “Southern California Webinar on Best Practices for Video Mediation,” hosted by Federal Arbitration (“FedArb”) on Sept. 11, 2020, at 9:30 a.m. PT.

Stephen will join fellow alternative dispute resolution (ADR) leaders in discussing best practices and lessons learned from conducting successful video mediations. The panel of former and retired judges includes Hon. Layn Phillips, Hon. A. Howard Matz, and Hon. Oliver W. Wagner.

A member of FedArb’s Panel of Neutrals, Stephen is frequently engaged as an arbitrator and mediator in complex commercial disputes.

Learn more about and register for the webinar here.

About FedArb

FedArb is an arbitration service formed to provide some benefits of arbitration—speed, confidentiality, cost-efficiency, customization, and enforceability—while also offering the benefits of litigating in the federal courts of the U.S.—ample discovery, principled decision making based on law, with optional appellate review designed to correct error and to prevent arbitrary conduct. For more information about FedArb and how to use its panelists in arbitrations, visit FedArb website here.


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