Jonathan Phillips Presenting on Workplace Violence

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Please note, this event has passed. For more information on events by Quaynote Communications, visit the Quaynote Communications website here.

Partner Jonathan E. Phillips is co-presenting a session during the Business Continuity, Workplace Violence & ESRM online conference, hosted by Quaynote Communications on Aug. 20.

The presentation, “Workplace Violence Programs: New Considerations in the COVID Era,” addresses new challenges posed by the atypical, virtual working environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores the security, mental health, crime, and domestic violence risks that can occur under work-from-home conditions, as well as safe workstations and equipment in the light of workman’s compensation. The presentation also covers meeting federal obligations and addressing employer duty of care, and offers practical and efficient solutions to these issues.

Jonathan is presenting with Glenn Sandford, vice president of AT-RISK International. Glenn recently partnered with Jonathan and the Larson O’Brien team to create a “Work-From-Home: Preventing Liability and Ensuring Compliance” information page.

Quaynote Communications’ Business Continuity, Workplace Violence & ESRM online conference is a virtual, interactive education and networking event for chief security officers, security consultants, lawyers, academics, researchers, and thought-leaders with a vested interest in the security and risk space. Learn more about and register for the one-day conference here.


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