Stephen Larson Represents Upland Police Chief

Police Officer Badge

The Daily Bulletin covered a letter that partner Stephen G. Larson wrote to Upland City Council on behalf of his client, Darren Goodman, who was suspended from his position as Upland’s police chief on June 22.

The letter alleged Chief Goodman is being punished for resisting political interference of the mayor and city consultant. 

“We feel compelled to bring to the City Council’s attention the discriminatory, unscrupulous, unethical, and illegal conduct that has interfered with the Chief’s ability to do his job, and to expose the petty and meritless allegations being leveled against him,” Stephen wrote.

He continued, “[the move has been] driven by Martin Thouvenell and Mayor Stone’s anger for Chief Goodman’s refusal to play their political games; indeed, he has steadfastly resisted their efforts to make him a mere figurehead responsive to their personal directions and catering to their instructions.”

Stephen’s letter explained that Goodman had to deal with city politics “from the moment he took office.” The Daily Bulletin‘s report on the letter included that, “Thouvenell made it clear to Goodman that to remain chief, he had to agree to political and improper expectations dictated by Mr. Thouvenell, Stone, and Jeanette Vagnozzi, the city manager at the time.” 

Numerous supporters are calling for Chief Goodman’s reinstatement. 

Read the full article by Brian Rokos of the Daily Bulletin covering the letter and developing story here.


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