Larson Attorneys Present on Challenging Courtroom Discrimination


Partner Kori Bell and associate Andrew Bedigan presented the standards for and their experience with addressing discrimination in the courtroom at the Annual Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel Training on May 21.

“Challenging Discrimination in the Courtroom” covered the legal standards and procedures for moving to recuse a judge in state and federal court. Kori and Andrew shared first-hand examples from their efforts in filing a motion to disqualify a Superior Court judge on the grounds of discrimination and impartiality issues. They discussed their strategy for evaluating the costs, benefits, and risks associated with moving to disqualify a judge, and the policy considerations to support their claims.

In addition to reviewing the circumstance that led to their motion to disqualify, Kori and Andrew shared other manifestations of discrimination in court, including the allegations of “bullying” behavior by the prosecutor toward the judge in the “Varsity Blues” trial of the former University of Southern California water polo coach.

Kori and Andrew joined deputy public federal defenders and CJA Panel representatives for the all-day training program.

About the CJA Panel

The CJA Panel is a group of qualified and court-approved attorneys who are eligible to be appointed by the court to represent indigent individuals in criminal cases. For more information on the CJA Panel in the Central District, please visit the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California’s website here.


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