Riverside County Investigation Report Delayed

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The lack of access to important Riverside County records is a factor delaying Larson’s investigation into allegations regarding the treatment of the 13 Turpin children, The Press-Enterprise reported.

Partners Stephen G. Larson and Hilary Potashner, who are leading the investigation into allegations that the Turpin children were mistreated while under the care of Riverside County departments after being rescued from their abusive home in 2018, originally planned to release the report of findings on March 31.

Following the announcement of the investigation in light of Diane Sawyer’s interview with two of the Turpin sisters for a “20/20” special that aired on Nov. 19, 2021, Stephen spoke to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 7 and promised “a thorough and transparent examination of these matters.”

“While much work has been done, more work is needed to complete the objectives of the Larson investigation,” Brooke Federico, director of communication for Riverside County, wrote to The Press-Enterprise in an email today regarding the original report deadline.

In addition, Stephen and Hilary petitioned the probate court for access to important records deemed confidential, but they still don’t have those records “and a judge has yet to issue a ruling,” Ms. Federico added to The Press-Enterprise.

The firm will update the Riverside County Board of Supervisors on the investigation on March 29, The Press-Enterprise noted.

Read the full article by Jeff Horseman of The Press-Enterprise covering the report update here (subscription required).


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