Colonies Partners Trial

Daily Journal

July 31, 2020 — The Daily Journal reported on Judge Jesus G. Bernal's ruling that San Bernardino County, its former district attorney, and his staff can be sued by Larson O'Brien client Jeff Burum and former county officials, who were acquitted of bribery and other corruption charges in 2017, for alleged retaliation and malicious prosecution. 

The article reviewed the history of the case stemming from a $102 million settlement Mr. Burum and his company, Colonies Partners LP, reached with San Bernardino County in 2006. This spurred former Attorney General Jerry Brown and former District Attorney Mike Ramos to charge Mr. Burum and three county officials with bribery and embark on nearly a decade of investigations and court procedures. 

"Saying it was the biggest public corruption case in the state's history, the prosecutors alleged bribery, tax evasion, criminal conspiracy, and other charges...The cases ended in 2017 with no convictions, leading to civil lawsuits by the defendants for more than $100 million," the article reported.

On July 29, Judge Bernal ruled that Mr. Burum's claims for retaliation, evidence fabrication, and supervisorial liability will proceed against the county in trial. Partner Stephen G. Larson told the Daily Journal that Larson O'Brien's clients, Mr. Burum and Colonies Partners, are "grateful for [Judge] Bernal's thorough consideration of the facts." 

Along with Stephen, partners Kori L. Bell, Steven E. Bledsoe, and Jonathan E. Phillips, and associate Matthew S. Manacek are on the Larson LLP team representing Jeff Burum and Colonies Partners. 

Read the full article by Gina Kim of the Daily Journal covering the order here