Larson O’Brien Joins Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Hands In Unity

Larson O’Brien has proudly joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA), a national coalition of law firms aiming to create large-scale, coordinated pro bono projects that address systemic racism.

Formed on June 23, the LFAA “seeks to leverage the resources of the private bar in partnership with legal services organizations to amplify the voices of communities and individuals oppressed by racism, to better use the law as a vehicle for change that benefits communities of color, and to promote racial equity in the law,” according to the organization’s charter. The alliance’s formation was first covered on June 24 by Patrick Smith of The American Lawyer on in the article, “Over 125 Firms Have Joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance.”

As of July 24, LFAA includes 230 member firms who “acknowledge their ongoing responsibility to increase diversity, equitable access to opportunities, and inclusion of people of color within their ranks and, in tandem with the LFAA’s pro bono efforts, the leaders of the LFAA law firms are committed to examining and eliminating internal policies and practices that may perpetuate racial inequities within law firm structures.”

“The attorneys of Larson O’Brien understand our ability and responsibility to effect change and fight racism and injustice, but we also understand we must put our words and pledges into meaningful actions. By joining LFAA, we are taking one of many steps to expand the ways that our pro bono efforts will address these issues and advocate for those who need it most. We are proud to combine forces with our fellow law firms to do all we can to eradicate systemic racism in the law and in our country.” 

Stephen G. Larson

Larson O’Brien will participate in the LFAA’s inaugural Summit taking place virtually July 29-30 and hosted in partnership with the Shriver Center on Poverty Law. The Summit will “help build a foundation in understanding antiracism and structural racism, and apply that framework to the pro bono work of law firm alliance members.”

A description of our firm’s ongoing efforts to advance diversity in the legal profession through leadership positions and our pro bono practice is outlined on our website here. Read LFAA’s charter here and view the full list of member firms here.


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