Hilary Potashner Updates Board of Supervisors on RivCo Investigation

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Larson’s report on the investigation into allegations regarding the treatment of the 13 Turpin children who were rescued from their abusive home in 2018 is delayed until May 31 due to restricted access to records, several media outlets reported from today’s Riverside County (“County”) Board of Supervisors meeting.

Partner Hilary Potashner, who, along with partner Stephen G. Larson, is leading the investigation into County departments after a “20/20” special shed light on allegations that the children were mistreated under County care, presented an update on the investigation at the meeting. Larson’s report of the investigation’s findings was originally planned to be ready on March 31, but the firm has not been able to access many important County records.

Hilary shared that so far in the investigation the firm “has reviewed more than 2,600 and interviewed more than 85 people . . . Besides two Turpin children, those interviewed include 37 Children’s Services Division employees, 11 Public Guardian staff members, and two District Attorney’s Office employees,” and Hilary “praised the county for its cooperation and for giving the firm autonomy to do its work,” The Press-Enterprise reported.

However, Hilary added, “Because of numerous confidentiality protections and protective sealing orders . . . we have been required to make and continue to make court appearances. Our analysis cannot be complete without a review of all documents. The process of acquisition is slow but moving. We’re hopeful records will soon be released by the Superior Court.”

“With the information available at our disposal, we are confident that our report will contain highly relevant factual findings and critical policy recommendations that will advance the goals and the purposes of the County’s social services programs,” Hilary concluded.

Hilary Potashner gives an update on Larson’s investigation into Riverside County to the Boards of Supervisors meeting on March 29 (video posted by

Read the full article by Jeff Horseman of The Press-Enterprise covering the County Board of Supervisors meeting here (subscription required). Other media coverage includes:


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