Court Grants Firm’s Writ of Mandate Petition

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LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 22, 2020 — The Court of Appeal of the State of California granted the petitions for writ of mandate filed by petitioners Ramin Salari, Mark T. McNeil, and John Noguez.

The order granting the petition directs the Superior Court to enter new and different orders dismissing the criminal charges against the petitioners. Mr. Salari is represented by Larson O’Brien LLP partners Stephen G. Larson and Kori L. Bell and associate Andrew J. Bedigian.

Mr. Salari was charged in 2012 with Mr. Noguez, who served as the Los Angeles County Assessor, and Mr. McNeil, an executive in the assessor’s office. The charges—including conspiracy, bribery, and embezzlement—garnered national attention, after then-Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley stated that it was one of the County’s most important cases in decades. 

Mr. Salari, Mr. Noguez, and Mr. McNeil each moved to dismiss the charges against them. The Superior Court denied their motions, and Mr. Salari and his co-defendants filed petitions for writ of mandate challenging the Superior Court’s order. The Court of Appeal’s order on May 22 vacates the Superior Court’s order and directs it to enter new and different orders dismissing the action against the petitioners.

“This is a long-awaited victory for our client. Mr. Salari has vigorously maintained his innocence from the beginning, and we are very pleased with today’s result.”

— Stephen G. Larson


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