Attorneys Lead JTB Scholars Session on Unhoused Solutions


Members of Larson facilitated a session on June 22 for Just the Beginning—A Pipeline Organization (JTB) Scholars as one of JTB’s many programs for students of color interested in a career and leadership opportunities in law.

JTB is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the advancement of young adults from underrepresented backgrounds in the legal profession through exposure to different careers, education, and connection to leaders in law. For the second consecutive summer, partner Hilary Potashner and former Larson staff member Brenna Phillips, who is now a student at Harvard Law School, organized and led a session titled, “The Unhoused in L.A.: Legal Considerations and Proposed JTB Scholars Solutions.”

This year, associates Jane Davidson and Clinton A. Ford Jr., the Honorable Wesley L. Hsu of the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the Honorable Rozella A. Oliver of the Central District of California joined Hilary and Brenna in facilitating the think tank session for JTB Scholars. The students broke into groups and created action plans to tackle issues such as unemployment, poverty, mental illness, and substance abuse related to being unhoused.

Hilary and Brenna serve on the steering committee of JTB. For more information on how to get involved with JTB, visit the volunteer page here.

Clinton Ford, Jane Davidson, Judge Oliver, Judge Hsu, Hilary Potashner, and Brenna Phillips at the JTB Scholars session on June 22.

About JTB

JTB’s mission is to encourage students of color and from other underrepresented groups to pursue career and leadership opportunities in the law. The nonprofit strives for a legal profession in which lawyers and judges reflect the backgrounds and perspectives of the populations they serve. Learn more on the JTB website here.


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