“Varsity Blues” Feds Make Third Attempt at Client

Water Polo Team

Federal prosecutors in the “Varsity Blues” admissions case unveiled a second superseding indictment against Larson O’Brien’s client, former University of Southern California (USC) water polo coach Jovan Vavic, on Sept. 1. 

The new indictment charges Mr. Vavic with conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery, alleging he solicited and accepted bribes to get students into USC. 

Partners Stephen G. Larson, Kori L. Bell, and Paul A. Rigali are representing Mr. Vavic in the case and recently argued to dismiss all charges against him in a highly publicized hearing. 

In a statement given in defense of Mr. Vavic upon the new indictment, Stephen said, “The government’s recasting of the same threadbare allegations for yet a third time does not change the fact that Coach Vavic is innocent of these charges and we will prove so at trial.”

“Rearranging deck chairs does not forestall a sinking ship. Twice now we have filed motions to dismiss, and twice now the government implicitly recognizes the validity of our arguments by responding with a reworked ‘superseding’ indictment. They can only postpone the inevitable for so long,” Stephen stated.

The new charges against Mr. Vavic and other defendants were covered in articles by Chris Villani of Law360 here and Lauren del Valle of CNN here.


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