Larson O’Brien’s white collar defense and investigations practice is manned by battle-tested trial lawyers, including a former U.S. District Judge, former federal prosecutors and public defenders, assistant district attorneys, and veterans of the nation’s most prestigious law firms. Our trial record is unblemished and includes the high-profile acquittals in People v. Biane—dubbed one of the most important public corruption matters in California history and which earned the firm’s attorneys a California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award in 2018.

Our clients include executives, doctors, attorneys, corporate officers and directors, actors, athletes, and companies. We defend clients in fraud and corruption matters involving embezzlement, conflicts of interest, bribery, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.K's anti-bribery act. We also defend prosecutions involving the False Claims Act, securities violations, healthcare fraud, industrial crimes, environmental violations, and criminal tax fraud. 

Our understanding of the prosecutorial process and trial experience allows us to leverage the legal and factual weaknesses in the government’s case to quickly obtain victories for our clients and minimize the impacts on their lives and businesses. We also act aggressively to neutralize the effects of state audits, grand jury proceedings, subpoenas and search warrants, parallel civil proceedings, indictments, and prosecutorial overreach. 

When it comes to white collar defense, the best results are often obtained discreetly and before charges are filed. Our first priority is closing and resolving government inquiries and investigations before they escalate. Therefore, our biggest wins are often the ones that no one ever hears about. We have successfully helped our clients avoid charges in an array of matters, including an international mining company, a California State Senator, and an industrial manufacturer that were not indicted. We have also represented a municipality and a retail importer against False Claims Act allegations that were dismissed under seal.

Larson O'Brien is uniquely qualified to undertake internal investigations into alleged criminal wrongdoing and regulatory violations. In 2018, partner Stephen G. Larson concluded his appointment as monitor of the Orange County District Attorney's Office, following the highly-publicized jailhouse informant matter. Stephen monitored and evaluated the District Attorney's implementation of various reform efforts. Since opening in 2016, Larson O'Brien has conducted a number of sensitive internal investigations for clients including the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA), a major Hollywood professional association, a London Stock Exchange-listed mining company, a private financial institution, and one of the preeminent law firms in Los Angeles.  

Believing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Larson O’Brien advises clients on compliance and training programs designed to implement risk mitigation strategies before a problem arises. Our attorneys have conducted training, compliance, and investigations in London, Beijing, Mexico City, Guatemala City, Johannesburg, and throughout the U.S.