Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

June 29, 2020 — Following a letter that partner Stephen G. Larson wrote to Upland City Council on behalf of his client, Darren Goodman, who had been suspended from his position as Upland's police chief, Chief Goodman was reinstated to his position on June 29. 

The Daily Bulletin covered the developing story of Chief Goodman's suspension beginning on June 22, including the letter Stephen wrote alleging that Chief Goodman was being punished for resisting political interference of the Upland mayor and city consultant. 

"We are very pleased that he has been reinstated. We believe he should never have been placed on leave to begin with," Stephen told the Daily Bulletin. "The rank and file, the senior officers and the broader Upland community have supported the chief of police, based on what he has done here for Upland."

Read the full article by Steve Scauzillo of the Daily Bulletin covering the story here.