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June 30, 2021 — A recent episode of ABC News Radio's Southern California Business Report (SCBR) featured an interview with partner Stephen G. Larson, who shared an overview of his practice, what sets Larson LLP apart from other firms, and his take on recent trends in litigation.

Stephen gave a brief history of his career with SCBR hosts Yvette Walker and Daryl McCance, highlighting his early start in the U.S. Attorney's Office as a federal prosecutor, his decade on the bench, and his current private practice. He attributed his now widely varied and successful caseload to his many litigation experiences as a prosecutor and a judge, allowing him the dual perspective of all sides of a case. His decades spent in the courtroom have made it the place where he feels "most comfortable."

"Part of my philosophy is that a good trial lawyer is able to try a case in any courtroom, whether it’s federal or state, criminal or civil. You become a better lawyer the more diverse your practice is."

This philosophy resonates throughout Larson LLP, which Stephen explained he carefully curated to comprise a team of attorneys that can take on any piece of litigation anywhere. The distinctive firm culture orients toward being effective trial attorneys, advocates, and storytellers—while also being nimble and willing to try something new. Above all, Stephen has instilled in his team to always put the client first.

In addition, Stephen emphasized that an important benchmark for attorneys at Larson LLP, and any lawyer, is that the client is always in control of the case. This control may be in jeopardy with a new development in litigation—third-party litigation financing. Stephen acknowledged the pros and cons of litigation financing, noting that while it does provide people who may otherwise not be able to afford litigation the ability to vindicate their rights, it also introduces stakeholders into litigation who do not have the same ethical accountabilities as lawyers.

"As we go forward into this new era of litigation financing, it's important that we do so carefully," Stephen cautioned.

View Stephen's SCBR interview here.

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